S.econd O.pinion S.ervice

let’s find out…

How much are you paying?

Maybe you asked, maybe you didn’t. Maybe you were told, maybe you weren’t. Maybe you got a straight answer, maybe not.

Don’t worry – most folks don’t know. But these firms aren’t non-profit and office space in Manhattan, Chicago, and San Francisco isn’t cheap.

After decades at a few of the largest brokerage firms, I know how to find the hidden charges to help you understand clearly how much you are paying.

What are you getting?

It has been said that cost is only important in the absence of value. So what value are you getting?

Of the hundreds of thousands of advisors out there, each one has a different service model. Unfortunately, too many of them involve crossing fingers and waiting for you to call.

We believe in right-sizing our service strategy to the needs and the complexity of the client which always includes a proactive deliverable schedule.

Our S.econd O.pinion S.ervice is exactly that, a fresh perspective on your current working relationship. It is a no-obligation, honest conversation about you. We do this to educate folks. We also do this for a chance to earn your business if we can improve your situation. But we are not right for everyone, and everyone isn’t right for us.

We believe two key principles are essential in building a long-term relationship:

  1. We offer complete transparency and honesty.
    1. Our cost is straight-forward, fair, and non-negotiable.
    2. We never charge a commission or hide an expense.
    3. While not the only consideration, we favor the lowest cost investments.
  2. We do what we say we are going to do.
    1. We listen.
    2. We deliver a semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly deliverable based on your needs.
    3. We under-promise and over-deliver,

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