*|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* https://preservewm.com We've been keeping up with the latest headlines... here are two of our favorites worth sharing. ** Your Money ------------------------------------------------------------ Each of the 12 U.S. recessions since World War II featured contracting output and rising unemployment. This year, economic output fell in the first quarter, and signs suggest it did so again in the second. But the job market has hardly faltered. At the end of June, 1.3 million Americans were collecting federal unemployment checks, compared with the 1.7 million average during the three years before the pandemic, when the economy was considered exceptionally strong. That number topped 6.5 million during the 2007-09 recession and three million during the two earlier downturns. If the U.S. Is in a Recession, It’s a Very Strange One (https://www.wsj.com/articles/recession-economy-unemployment-jobs-11656947596?st=oylumcp6jjhi8ap&reflink=desktopwebshare_permalink) by Jon Hilsenrath ** Your Life ------------------------------------------------------------ I’m a huge proponent of multi-tasking, but my husband is not and told me that studies show multi-tasking doesn’t work. Sure enough, the very reputable Cleveland Clinic, among others, wrote an article summarizing studies saying that multi-tasking does not work. As a matter of fact, neuropsychologist Cynthia Kubu, Ph.D. explains further that human beings are wired to be mono-taskers, meaning that our brains can only focus on one task at a time. She says further that when we think we’re multi-tasking, most often we are doing individual actions in rapid succession or task-switching. Apparently, only 2.5% of people are able to multi-task effectively, and multi-tasking can hinder performance, so choose to tackle one task at a time. Armed with nothing but life experience in juggling my responsibilities as a mother with a job managing a household plus volunteer obligations, I must disagree. Once in a while, but rarely, I will fail on a task due to multi-tasking, and I will feel really bad about it. It’s usually not anything too major, but I’ll still feel bad (Type A). However, I cannot stop multi-tasking. Also, my definition of multi-tasking includes doing laundry while working on a report. Perhaps the scientists would define it otherwise. Why Multitasking Doesn’t Work (https://health.clevelandclinic.org/science-clear-multitasking-doesnt-work/) source: Cleveland Clinic https://www.linkedin.com/in/danheth/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/rosalynn-harvey-heth-mpa-ceps-3a3aa3191/ ** Complexity Simplified ------------------------------------------------------------ It’s summer, so it’s time to pull out the summer drinks. For many, that includes Campari and Aperol. However, do you know the difference between the two? Both are bitter, acerbic Italian liqueurs most often used as aperitifs (before meal drinks) to prepare your appetite for the meal. However, they don’t taste the same. One is sweeter and less bitter. They vary in alcohol content. The colors are different. Historically, one was created in the 1860s by Gaspare Campari, and the other was created in 1919 by brothers Luigi and Silvio Barbieri. (The Campari Group now owns both.) Campari and Aperol - What's The Difference? (https://giadzy.com/food/campari-and-aperol-whats-the-difference/?fs=e&s=cl) source: The Giadzy Kitchen ** Trivia ------------------------------------------------------------ A: Pigs Q: What planets literally rain diamonds? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6-uJLteKek ** Back in 1992, this song reached #1 ------------------------------------------------------------ ============================================================ ** Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/preservewm) ** Twitter (https://twitter.com/preservewm) ** LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/preservewm/about/) Copyright © *|CURRENT_YEAR|* *|LIST:COMPANY|*, All rights reserved. This email was sent to *|EMAIL|* (mailto:*|EMAIL|*) why did I get this? (*|ABOUT_LIST|*) unsubscribe from this list (*|UNSUB|*) update subscription preferences (*|UPDATE_PROFILE|*) *|LIST_ADDRESSLINE_TEXT|* *|REWARDS_TEXT|*

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