*|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* https://preservewm.com We've been keeping up with the latest headlines... here are two of our favorites worth sharing. ** Your Money ------------------------------------------------------------ Over the weekend, Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway held its annual meeting in Omaha, Nebraska. The event buzzes with a carnival-like fervor, often revolving around the hypothetical returns of $10,000 invested decades ago. Attendees eagerly seek the next great investment tip or pearl of wisdom from the legendary "Oracle." However, personal finance doesn't always require emulating Mr. Buffet's illustrious success. In fact, it can be simpler and more attainable. In this reflection, the authors delve into their own successful retirement preparations, emphasizing the importance of both qualitative and quantitative considerations. Here are some key strategies they highlight: 1. Diversifying investments beyond traditional stocks and bonds, including real estate and alternative assets. 2. Regularly reassessing investment strategies to adapt to dynamic market conditions. 3. Seeking guidance from their financial advisor to craft a comprehensive retirement plan and address potential blind spots. 4. Maintaining a prudent approach to spending and saving to mitigate risks and uncertainties in retirement planning. What We Got Right in Preparing for Retirement (https://www.wsj.com/finance/investing/retirement-lessons-california-finances-42cb49ed?st=wcp1rd0e0gmu3dr&reflink=desktopwebshare_permalink) by Stephen Kreider Yoder and Karen Kreider Yoder ** Your Life ------------------------------------------------------------ Do you love to travel? If you plan correctly, you can make it a hobby. A hobby, by definition, is an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure. Traveling can allow you to see the world and give you a heightened sense of presence, expand your horizons, meet new people, make lasting memories, discover new foods, and contribute to your personal growth. Planning is key. Start by making a list of your interests and your dream destinations. Then, maximize your vacation time from work, be willing to travel alone (if needed), start a travel fund, plan the next trip right after the last one, research travel content, and let the adventure begin. Perhaps you can make it a lifestyle if you love it so much. The definition of lifestyle is how a person or group lives. Possibly live in a foreign country for months at a time, work from your laptop, travel with the necessary portable office equipment you need, and start enjoying your nomadic life! Is Traveling a Hobby? Why and How to Travel More (https://www.globe-gazers.com/is-traveling-a-hobby/) by Nausheen Farishta https://www.linkedin.com/in/danheth/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/rosalynn-harvey-heth-mpa-ceps-3a3aa3191/ ** Complexity Simplified ------------------------------------------------------------ While many find cracking knuckles to be an annoying habit and frowned upon in polite society, there is no indication that it is harmful to your joints IF done correctly. Joints accumulate nitrogen bubbles over time and build up in the joint spaces. The popping sound you hear is when the bubbles escape. Studies show that over 50% regularly pop their knuckles. Many do it because they enjoy the sound or it’s become a nervous habit. However, reasons such as the releasing of tension and stress is all psychological. Again, while it is not proven to be harmful, it does not mean that there are no risks in doing it too often or incorrectly. Is Cracking Your Knuckles Bad for You? (https://health.clevelandclinic.org/is-cracking-your-knuckles-bad-for-you) source: Cleveland Clinic ** Trivia ------------------------------------------------------------ A: Nestle Q: Which character becomes Brienne’s squire in season 4 of “Game of Thrones”? https://youtu.be/3WH1Ma50QUk?si=nUOUsZlNe3lKN_CQ ** Back in 1991, this song hit #1 ------------------------------------------------------------ ============================================================ ** Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/preservewm) ** Twitter (https://twitter.com/preservewm) ** LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/preservewm/about/) Copyright © *|CURRENT_YEAR|* *|LIST:COMPANY|*, All rights reserved. This email was sent to *|EMAIL|* (mailto:*|EMAIL|*) why did I get this? (*|ABOUT_LIST|*) unsubscribe from this list (*|UNSUB|*) update subscription preferences (*|UPDATE_PROFILE|*) *|LIST_ADDRESSLINE_TEXT|* *|REWARDS_TEXT|*

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